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Julie - Principle

A lifetime of experience has led Julie to being the principal of Agent 2580. Her experiences with retail customers, caring for the disabled, and photographing weddings demonstrated that how you treat people directly affects their interactions with you.

As a child working in family businesses, Julie learned to value customers, even for small purchases. She has brought that lesson with her throughout her working life. Entering the real estate industry over ten years ago, Julie has worked in marketing for the industry in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and New South Wales. Arriving in Goulburn, she transitioned from selling to the industry to selling in the industry.

After two years, she decided that to maintain her authenticity with clients and customers, she needed to operate her own agency. Agent 2580 was born. Using the same mentality she learned as a child, Julie fosters great working relationships with her clients and new customers. Whether you are selling or buying, investing or renting, you will find Julie authentic in her values and performance.

Aaron - Property Manager

Aaron, our Property Manager at Agent 2580, brings a unique perspective to his role. Having spent a lifetime moving around Australia and living in rental properties, he understands the importance of creating a positive experience for both landlords and tenants.

With twenty five years of experience in engineering and people management, Aaron brings a set of skills that he applies to the property management arena. He knows that effective communication and valuing every member of the team are key to keeping landlords and tenants happy. As a co-owner of the business, Aaron is deeply committed to ensuring the successful interactions of all our clients and customers.