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Most marketing campaigns highlight the key selling features of your home which generally include the exterior, kitchen, living areas, main bedroom, main bathroom and any outdoor entertaining areas or features such as a swimming pool or landscaped gardens.

To ensure your property is photographed looking its best please do the following :


Bikes, rubbish bins, toys, garden hoses, tools, pet accessories etc. are stored out of sight. Lawns are mowed, paved areas are swept and garden beds are tidy. Garage and shed doors are closed. Alfresco/Veranda is free from personal items. BBQ cover is removed and stored out of sight. Clothes line is free from washing and pegs and folded down if possible. Ensure no vehicles are parked in the driveway, yard or front of property.


Original14272719 Pool is clean and accessories such as suction cleaner, cover, scoop, brush, toys etc. are out of sight. Pool area is swept and the area is free from personal items such as clothes and towels.

Please allow time for water splashed around the pool to dry before the photographer arrives.


All magnets, photos etc are removed from the fridge (front and sides). Surfaces are clutter free and appliances (toaster/slow cooker etc) are out of sight. Kitchen sink is empty, sides wiped & dish racks and cleaning products are stored away. Bins, Pedestal fans, exercise equipment and pet accessories are stored out of sight. Beds are made and bedside tables are free from personal items, photos and clutter. Make sure any items stored under the bed cannot be seen. Bathrooms are free from all personal items -toothbrushes, shampoos, loofah, toys, bins, scales etc. Mirrors and shower screens are clean. Toilet lids are down and toilet rolls and brushes are hidden. TV’s are off and remote controls are put out of sight. Floors are vacuumed and mopped. Furniture has been dusted. Make sure all lights/lamps are working especially for twilight photography. Hide visible electrical cables (unplug if necessary).

Safely secure pets out of view for the photoshoot.