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What is the marketing tool that motivates buyers to look further into a house?

After the attention grabbing success of great photography busy buyers will be looking for a floor plan. What does a floor plan do for them? There are two key factors that floor plans meet for a buyer. Firstly they can evaluate quickly if the layout of the house suits their tastes, lifestyle and furniture. Secondly they can expand their visualisation further to help them picture themselves and their furniture in that house. The floor plan is the next key ingredient to your marketing strategy that drives qualified buyers into the purchasing funnel. These buyers will have a greater interest in the house as they have filtered most of the less likely candidates in their minds out of the competition. These buyers are more likely to have an interest in placing an offer.

Give the buyer something to work with!

A detailed floor plan that has been carefully drawn up from your house will give the buyer a plan to work with. Help them to dream their way into ownership. Let them plan where their furniture will go. When they have fallen in love with the home they will want to buy it and will be willing to pay more than if they couldn’t plan themselves into the house.

If the buyer is from out of town or interstate the floor plan will be a key marketing tool that can cement their desire in the property without having a viewing.

A floor plan can bring an unseen property to life in a buyers heart! Tweet this!

Make your listings compete with style.

Add a floor plan to your new listings and watch the interest grow in each property. The interest will be qualified buyers ready to go to the next level and view with the intent to buy. Reduce the tyre kickers and have more buyers intent on making a genuine offer.

So how does it work? Agent 2580 will visit the property and measure up and draw the house as it is.  The drawings are then converted to architectural drawings with all the details of doors, windows, wardrobes and room sizes clearly annotated for buyers to clearly read. Your floor plans are included in the marketing activities of your listing.

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