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Good quality images demonstrate a home well and entice potential buyers to look closer

In a world driven by visuals, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. With people being time-pressed, searching for houses requires efficiency. Just like job recruiters, home buyers need something special to catch their interest. Don’t settle for average images taken from any angle, as seen by the agent. Instead, enhance your home’s profile and increase your chances of selling with high-quality, carefully crafted images of each room. Avoid clutter and distractions.

It’s important to create a strong first impression and captivate the buyer right from the start. A positive first impression can even lead to a higher price. On the other hand, lower quality photography may prompt buyers to offer less, as they won’t see the true value of your home but rather a bargain. Why risk missing out on the best offer? Make your home shine among other candidates with great photos or let it fade into the background with low-quality images that fail to showcase its potential to the world.


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Good Photography will work for you


Many agents are used to walking into a client’s house and snapping photos of the rooms as they are. However, they often miss the small details that can make a lived-in home look messy and unappealing in a photo. Some agents try to enhance the photo quality by opting for cheaper professional photography. While this may improve the technical aspects like exposure and lighting, the distractions still remain.

As an experienced real estate photographer before entering sales, I take it a step further. I work closely with you to style the room, aiming to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. By clearing away clutter and simplifying the space to resemble a styled home, we help buyers envision themselves in that room.